Learn About Progressive Pokies and How to Play

A progressive pokie is simply an online casino game that has an accumulating prize pool. A small percentage of each stake goes towards the main jackpot prize and will continue to climb until one lucky winner scoops the jackpot. Players can therefore only win a progressive jackpot in the real cash mode.

If a game has a progressive jackpot, it is usually linked to a network across many different online casinos that are powered by that same software provider. This is how the prizes climb so high, because there are so many people playing on these games and contributing to the prize pool as they play.

Learn About Progressive Pokies and How to Play

Progressive pokies are basically games that have a higher than average jackpot. These prizes are not fixed and are constantly increasing until they have been won. It will be clear whether or not the game has a progressive jackpot because the game can either be found in the progressive jackpot section of an online casino lobby or the current value of the jackpot for that game may be displayed directly next to it. You shouldn’t have any difficulties locating and distinguishing which games have progressive jackpots.

Online casinos are all powered by software providers. These are the companies who actually supply the casino games (unless the casino uses in-house/proprietary software). Some of these games have progressive jackpots and the reason these prizes climb so high is because they are linked to a wider network.

For example, there are many casinos that are powered by Microgaming and therefore most of the Microgaming-powered online casinos will have similar games (if not exactly the same), including having the same progressive jackpot games. Whatever the current value of a progressive jackpot is in casino A, it will be the same in casino B, casino C and so on.

There is a very small percentage of each stake that goes towards the accumulating prize pool and you can usually keep your eye on the value of each jackpot while you are playing. There is no way of guessing when the jackpot can be won because this is random, but as it climbs higher, more people start playing on the game and eventually it gets won by a lucky player.

There was a recent jackpot winner who won £5.1million (AU$7.8million) on a progressive Playtech video slot at a UK online casino. You can find details about this win on this website. As soon as a progressive jackpot has been won, it will reset to its original starting amount, which could be something like AU$10,000.

Not all progressive jackpot games are linked to a wider network, some jackpots may only appear in one casino, but these prizes can still reach quite large amounts. This is mainly why progressive games are so appealing, because they can create millionaires.

There are other progressive jackpot games including certain table and card games, but with progressive pokies there is a general rule that you must be betting the maximum number of lines and the maximum bet-per-line. This doesn’t mean that you have to be spending AU$100 per spin, because the coin value can doesn’t matter and this can be lowered to correspond with your budget.