Online Pokies Frequently Asked Questions

This following information contains answers to some of the most frequently asked pokie-related questions. For those looking to experience an online pokie and may have questions that need answering, simply check out the section below to see if some of your questions can be answered.  

These questions are mainly asked by players who are new to online gambling and in particular those who are new to online pokies. If you are one of these new players and you are based in Australia, hopefully the following information should answer a few things for you.

Online Pokies Frequently Asked Questions

A look into some of the most popular frequently asked questions posed by Australian players looking to play online pokies can be found listed below.

Question 1: What are the Different Types of Pokies?

The different types of pokies include classic pokies (otherwise known as classic slots or fruit machines), video pokies (otherwise known as video slots, i-slots, 3D i-slots, or multi-lined slots), plus video pokers. For each of these categories, there are literally hundreds, in some cases thousands of different varieties now available online.

Question 2: Do Pokies have Realistic Outcomes?

All pokies have realistic outcomes, mathematically speaking. Although the randomly occurring outcomes are generated by mathematical systems, the actual outcomes are just as realistic as the outcomes in real life. In other words, you have just as much chance at winning or losing with an online casino game as you do in real life.

Question 3: Can I Play Pokies for Free?

Almost every major online casino now allows players to launch games at their casino in the free play mode (otherwise known as the demo mode or the fun mode). Launching a game in this mode allows you to play with the fun money that most casinos provide you with when signing up. In many cases, when you lose this fun money, the casino will instantly top it back up for free.

Question 4: What are the Best Pokies?

The best pokies are whatever you regard as an entertaining game. What appeals to you may not appeal to your friend. This is why it can be so much fun exploring the numerous pokies that are currently available online, as there is so much variety.

Question 5: Are Pokies Safe to Download?

Pokies are perfectly safe to download. It is very rare that the software is dodgy in some way, although it does happen. Check that the download client that you wish to install onto your system is compatible with your computer and that it has a verified and secure publisher stamp before downloading.

Question 6: Are Download Pokies better than No Download Pokies?

This again is down to personal preference. The majority of online gaming enthusiasts will tell you without a doubt that a downloadable casino is better, which cannot be argued with. However, the Flash casinos offer something that downloadable casinos can’t and are also ideal for players, depending on each player’s situation.

Question 7: Do all Online Casinos have Pokies?

All online casinos have pokies. It would be strange to land at an online casino today that doesn’t offer a broad selection of different pokies. In fact, the majority of games found at most of today’s online casinos are pokies.