Learn About No Download Required Instant Play Online Pokies

Almost every reputable Australian online casino today has both a downloadable casino and a non-downloadable casino. Both options are perfectly secure, but this section reveals the main differences between the two so that players can make their mind up about which one is more ideal.

To get the most out of your gaming experience (in terms of visual and sound quality and special features), download pokies are the better option. No-download pokies are fantastic, but they are only really for a certain type of player. To play on a no download pokie doesn’t require any installation process, as these games can be launched in seconds if your computer has an up-to-date version flash player. 

Learn About No Download Required Instant Play Online Pokies

If you are looking to experience the best of what an online casino has to offer in terms of the graphics and sound quality, as well as the general gameplay and additional features, the downloadable casino is generally the better option.

There is nothing wrong with a no-download casino and there isn’t a huge difference between the two different types, it’s just if you are going to be spending hours within the casino, you will certainly experience better quality and more gaming selection through the download client, as opposed to the no-download instant casino.

As more casinos start appearing online, you will notice that a great deal of these have both download casinos and no-download casinos. The download casinos have a small program which you must install onto your computer to gain access to the complete range of games.

The no-download version of the casino is basically a more basic version of that same casino. No-download casinos (or instant casinos) tend to provide players with approximately half as many games as the download version has. A download casino allows players to access a game instantly, which is ideal for trying out new games.

Download casinos are also ideal for players who for some reason cannot install the software. Perhaps the computer that they are using simply isn’t compatible with the software they are trying to install, so the flash casino is the perfect alternative. They are also ideal if you are just in a hurry and fancy a quick five minutes on your favourite poker or favourite table or card game. The flash casinos will have basically the same games as the downloadable version, but just a lot less selection. After having experienced both types of the casino, you can make your own mind up about which one you are going to prefer launching each time you want a flutter in the casino. For a die-hard fan and dedicated gambler, we always recommend making the download a soon as you sign up to the casino.     

The software is regularly tested by Random Number Generators (both the instant casino software and the downloadable casino software) to check for both fair and realistic outcomes, plus this software will only appear in an online casino if it is a fully licensed and certified product. Most of the best Australian online casinos today are powered by some of the industry’s best, award winning software providers.