How to Pick Online Pokies with So Many Options

Certain online casino games such as video pokers, slot machines/fruit machines, and other video slots/i-Slots are called pokies in Australia. It is quite rare to find this term used elsewhere and it covers a wide range of different online casino games.  No one knows for sure exactly where this catchy name came from, but it certainly emerged in Australia.

Choosing an online pokie can often leave some players lost in a sea of games, so knowing roughly what you are looking for to begin with would be a good start. There are now thousands of pokies to choose from and the following information explains a little bit about the main different pokie categories that there are available today.  

How to Pick Online Pokies with So Many Options

There are so many different online pokies available today, choosing the right one can take time. To know roughly what you are looking for would be a good start, but if you have absolutely no idea, simply browse through the gaming section of each online casino to familiarise yourself with the different pokies.

The great thing is that many of these games can be played in the free play mode, which is ideal for learning a new game and will help you decide straight away if it’s the kind of pokie that you have actually been looking for. You may even be able to play in the free play mode without having to install any software which is even better.

First of all you must realise that there are several different pokie categories. The most basic pokies are the fruit machine style games (classic pokies). These are the easiest to learn and are all very similar, whichever software provider you happen to choose. These games actually look, sound and play like actual fruit machines and all you have to do is hit spin and hope for a win.

The other types of online pokie machines are video pokies (slots and 3D i-Slots). These are basically an advanced version of classic pokies. They contain bonus rounds where you can win additional prizes. They also provide players with plenty more action and entertainment.  They have additional symbols to help generate wins such as wild symbols, scatter symbols and bonus symbols, plus you can expect to win free spins. Some of these pokies also have progressive jackpots.

The next different type of pokie that you may be interested in are video pokers. These are quite different to the previously mentioned pokies, but they are just as easy to master. This game is based on five card draw poker. Players can now find single hand video poker and multihand video poker.

This game involves the player being dealt five cards and the hope is that you will win with an actual poker hand. The better the poker hand (for example a royal flush), means you r prize will be larger. The lower than hand, the lower the prize will be and usually the lowest win is a pair or more. 

Once you have chosen which type of pokie you think you would like to play, have fun by searching through the hundreds of different individual games that each online casino actually has to hopefully find your favourite type of pokie.