Learn About 3 Reel Pokies and How to Play

3 reel pokies are one of the most popular games available today at the majority of online casinos. Numerous software providers have literally developed thousands of these games and a 3 reel pokie is basically the simplest form of a slot machine. They are otherwise known as fruit machines or classic slots.

These 3 reel pokies are easy to play and they usually have just one winning payline, but some of the more modern 3 reel pokies are known to have up to nine paylines. All you have to do is click on the spin button and hope that at least three matching symbols appear across the payline to win a prize.

Learn About 3 Reel Pokies and How to Play

3 Reel pokies are definitely for a certain type of player. They are not for players who are looking for action-packed games with additional bonus rounds. They are for the more laid back player who prefers a simple game without all the extras. They can appear quite boring to many players, but for a large number of players they remain as popular today as ever before.

The main aim with these slots is to adjust your stake and then hit spin. These 3 reel pokies offer as much simplicity as a real life retro slot machine or fruit machine offers. Some even look and sound exactly the same as real life pokies with realistic button sounds and occasionally the sounds of a real arcade or casino can also be heard in the background as you play.

The games certainly offer a sense of nostalgia and will probably appeal to players of a certain age. The general theme of these slots is a fruit and veg theme with other symbols such as 7’s, single bars, double bars, triple bars and for example bells. Some of the true retro classic pokies even have Hold buttons and or Nudge buttons.

These games have been around online since the first online casino came into existence. It was only later on that video slots started appearing. There are also some progressive jackpot pokies with just three reels and one winning payline. Details of these progressive pokies can be found when you are in the lobby of your chosen casino, plus a progressive jackpot can only be won when you are playing in the real cash mode.

You may even find that you are able to practice on a 3 reel pokie, if that casino has a free play/demo mode available so even if you have run out of available cash, you can continue playing your favourite game, although not for real cash prizes.

Whether you are playing on a no-download 3 reel pokie or a downloadable one, the overall graphics, sound quality and general gameplay won’t be much different, so don’ think that you are missing out in any way  if you are unable to install the casino software.

3 reel pokies are a main attraction at most of today’s online casinos and they take up a large part of the game lobby. You can expect to find anywhere from between 10 and 100 of these classic games at most online reputable Australian online casinos.